Assisting Professionals and Amateurs Alike

The FlipClip™ Magazine Coupler is a patented design that quickly and easily connects two magazines together, base to base. 

This allows the shooter to:

  1. Release the empty magazine from the pistol
  2. Catch the clipped magazines
  3. Invert them 180°
  4. Re-insert the full magazine
  5. Release the slide
  6. Continue shooting

This is legally and fundamentally different from an extended magazine, where the shooter can quickly and easily reload a full magazine without grabbing from belt or body holders.



It's helped me shave an average of two seconds off my outdoor course time. I'm very satisfied and will be purchasing another one.

Ron T., Birmingham, AL

I like keeping my magazines together in case of an emergency. As a mother, every second counts in that situation and I find comfort knowing that I can grab both magazines in one motion.

Shannon K., Fresno, CA

Got this as a gift. I was reluctant at first but after a little practice I was able to coordinate the magazine switch with ease. Now I don't like shooting without it.

Everett M., Plano, TX

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