Q: Is FlipClipTM Magazine Coupler open to the public?

A: Yes and no – FlipClipTM Magazine Coupler does not have a storefront or physical location. All orders must be placed online at this time. Limited to residents of the United States of America. Please contact us for more information. 

Q: I got an email saying my package shipped but, no tracking info, why?

 A: When an order is batched, a label is printed and a tracking number is automatically assigned meaning, we have the package ready to process and will be shipped after processing has completed (generally about 2-6 business days BUT can take up to 10 business days).

The FlipClip Magazine Coupler team will be out of the office and relocating as of Jan 4 – Feb 1, 2024. Any orders placed in this time will be processed with the quickest shipping possible February 1st. We appreciate your your understanding and, most of all, support. Thank you.

Q: Why will some of your couplers be incompatible with specific magazines?

A: Our couplers are designed to work specifically with their express magazines. Forcing the coupler onto a different-sized or after market magazine will likely cause damage. 

Q: Does FlipClipTM Magazine Coupler offer any firearms training courses?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer any classes or firearm training.

Q: I have a pending charge on my account, but my order did not go through. What is going on?

A: If your order does not fully process, then payment will be denied by our credit card processor. Any pending charges under our name will drop within 3-10 business days.

Q: Why does FlipClipTM Magazine Coupler only have one shipping option?

A: Our Mail Class is Priority (2-3 days once a label is created), and all our packages are tracked. Having one shipment choice ensures that all our customers receive only the best.

Q: Does Flip Clip offer payment plans?

A: No – payments must be received for the order to be processed.

Q: What is your order cancellation/refund policy?

A:Customers may ask for an exchange, or a full refund will be applied as a credit to your account. If a refund is desired, there will be a credit card processing fee.

Q: I received my magazine coupler, and the coloring is different, why is that?

A: At this time, we only have the color black for the GLK01. We look forward to offering this product in different colors soon.

Q: Does FlipClip offer a Military/LEO/First Responder discount?

A: Yes! FlipClipTM Magazine Couplers offers a discount on all FUTURE orders. We can’t apply a discount to orders that have already been placed. *Please ensure that you have an account set up through our website* We ask that you send in an image of a document or an ID with proof of employment/enlistment. Email credentials to support@flipclipmag.com. Additionally, an image of your driver’s license for double verification. Please note – The only information that we need to see on the identification emailed in, are the full names shown on both forms provided. This information will not be saved or shared with anyone.

Q: Does FlipClip offer a bulk order discount?

A: Yes! Please email support@flipclipmag.com for further information.

Q: Which magazine will I be able to use?

A: Each magazine coupler is designed to work specifically with the magazines listed in the product description. Because of variations, even within the same brand, multi-platform compatibility is not guaranteed.

Q: What generation will FlipClip base pads work with?

A: Generation is irrelevant. Our couplers should be compatible with generations 3-5.

Q: Does Flip Clip work with after-market parts?

A: Our product is not intended to work with after-market parts with different dimensions. 

Q: Does Flip Clip ship outside of the United States?

A: Unfortunately, we are not set up to ship outside of the United States at this time. For more information, please contact us: support@flipclipmag.com and we can assist you.

Q: Does Flip Clip accept Visa/AmEx/Etc./gift cards?

A: Unfortunately, our website will not allow the use of gift cards. American Debit/Credit cards ONLY. 

Q: Should I use a magazine extension on my carry weapon?

A: FlipClipTM Magazine Coupler is a firearms accessory manufacturing company. We thoroughly test our products to ensure reliability. However, if you want to use an after-market product on a carry or duty weapon, it is wise to thoroughly test the product BEFORE using it on duty or on your person for concealed carry. 

Q: What is the magazine coupler made of?

A: 33% glass and nylon composite, injection molded. 


FlipClipTM Magazine Couplers offers a Limited 1-year Warranty on products. Some Exclusions do apply. Please contact us for more information: Support@flipclipmag.com. 

Flip Clip will not be responsible for: 

  • Defects due to unreasonable use, ordinary wear and tear, neglect, or abuse.
  • Defects or malfunctions resulting from unauthorized adjustments, careless handling, or modifications made or attempted by anyone.
  • Criminal Misuse or Negligence.